H&M has just launched a new collection that looks backward and forward at the same time. The “Conscious” collection is the second demonstration of the brand’s continued commitment to create sustainable clothing. While aimed at help protecting the future of our planet, the collection is inspired by Hollywood movies of the past and it’s made out of a mix of recycled and organic fibers. It’s grand in style, and – as usual – it comes with tiny prices. From Gossip Girls to Hollywood starts, many celebrities have already been spotted wearing pieces of this H&M’s collection. It’s now time for a Dazed & Conscious magazine.




Oceans are becoming the biggest trash bin on our planet, and it’s not just because of the increasingly amount of plastic-boosted bodies that swim in our seas nowadays. Every year million tons of plastic make their way into the waters, so instead of just complaining someone thought you could make a good use of it. Method employees gathered in Hawaii but they weren’t looking for a glamorous stay. With the help of local volunteers they hand-collected more than one ton of plastic and turned it into bottles for their soap with the help Envision Plastics. The combination of recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic results in a uniquely gray resin.
Interestingly enough, they’ve turned the saddest color in the world into an ingredient for a brighter future.


Molecule is a brand/cafe’ in New York City created “to provide a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to tap and bottled water”. The café takes ordinary New York City tap water and runs it through a super-premium filtration machine that uses UV light, ozone treatments and reverse osmosis to produce what the owners call “pure H2O”. Customers can subscribe for home delivery or reuse their own bottles and be rewarded by paying a lower price. Molecule also allows customers to enhance their water with a range of vitamins and blended supplements called “energy”, “immunity” and “skin, hair and nails”.
A great example of how to turn basic into desirable, tap water consumption into greater tap water consumption and ultimately green into greener.



If you’re done furnishing the floor, you may well consider start to decorate your ceiling too. Especially when you can place a work of beauty, or even better, a beautiful work of nature on it. Well, nature provides the raw matter here and Haiku does all the rest. Big Ass Fan, the company that produces it, may have a pretty bold name but this fan is everything but excessive. Thanks to its unique technology, it delivers an 80% improvement in efficiency over conventional ceiling fan motors. It’s made of fully renewable bamboo, carefully handcrafted. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the quietest fan in the world, so you won’t pollute the environment with unnecessary noise. No doubt that every guests of yours will become a fan, too.



Vuerichb is a company located in Barcelona, dedicated to the design and manufacture of wooden sunglasses. You may argue that  no one needs another fashionable accessory made out of wood, since forests are already suffering enough. Yet, the eyewear are made from maple wood coming from old skateboard. Not only this creates endless variation of colors, giving each frame a unique character, but it also makes you a conscious hipster. Which is what you could definitely call an interesting paradox.


Iron, wood and stone are three of the most primitive materials on earth, yet De Castelli can extract a sort of natural glamor out of them by modelling them through a centennial experience inherited from local masters at working with iron and today’s most advanced technologies. The products of this brand aren’t just made from natural materials, but most of them are also destined to live in the outdoor among nature. So no matter if you’re looking for gardening tools or a glamorous little cottage-box room to host them, you’ll always find what you need. Their striking, sleek design is a proof that you shouldn’t just avoid wasting what nature gives you, but sometimes try to make it even more beautiful and therefore eternal.




Once ago, when it comes to fur clothing, you could only decide to go old-fashion and wear one or fight against it like a responsible model by not wearing one and wearing nothing at all. That time has ended. Harricana – the Canadian fashion brand founded by Mariouche Gagne’ – allows you to be fashionable, ethic and even not to get a cold. By recycling old furs and re-modelling them into new design creations, the brand hasn’t only extended the life-cycle of 60,000 coats but also saved the lives of more than 600,000 animals over the past 15 years. If that wasn’t enough, the company commits to produce all of its creations in Canada under ethical manufacturing conditions.  Finally everyone buying a Harricana creation will be able to say: “I’d rather wear fur than go naked”.





What’s more ecologicool than a place with the highest impact on your eyes and the lowest on the terrain where it’s located? The Endemico Resguardo Silvestre resort based in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe does this and more, becoming an almost invisible part of a touristic ecosystem built by the locally-owned vineyards located steps away, a Slow Food restaurant nearby and the surrounding mountains. The small habitat units have the minimal impact on the rugged terrain, materials which get closer and closer to the color of the mountains with the time and feature an additional cooling system that uses non-conditioned, natural air from outside channeled through the roof. If you don’t get inebriated by its beauty, step down the mountain and visit the wineries.



Ekobo is a French-based eco-friendly company specialized in the design of contemporary hand-crafted home accessories made from a natural and renewable resource: bamboo.
But their sustainability does not stop with what the products are made of, and goes on with who makes them, since all Ekobo’s products are produced by local craftsmanship to sustain rural artisanal communities in Vietnam.
Once you buy them, you only need to avoid inviting a panda for dinner: you may see both the food on the table and the settings disappear soon.


Skiing in the core of the woods may be dangerous but having skis which have a wood core is certainly much safer. Especially for the environment, once you don’t kill a wood to make them. The Rossignol Attraxion Echo 8 uses fewer petroleum-based products and lacquers for a minimal effect on the environment. Natural linen fibers replace synthetic materials and the lightweight poplar wood core is harvested from sustainable wood that’s grown in renewable tree farms. Remember,  trees don’t fall with these skis but they don’t guarantee you won’t fall either.